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2022 Matthias B. Donelan, MD
New Castle, NH
"Skin Graft Donor Site Morbidity: Time to Revisit Early Excision and Grafting For Non-Life-Threatening Burns"
2019 Mark B. Constantian, MD
Newport, RI
"Fat Grafting As An Adjunctive Procedure in Revision Rhinoplasty: A Preliminary Series"
2017 Deepak Narayan, MD
North Falmouth, MA
"Back To The Future – A New England Tale"
2016 William G. Austen, Jr., MD
Bretton Woods, NH
"Invention in Plastic Surgery” Lessons from the NESPRS"
2015 Mark B. Constantian, MD
Westbrook, CT
"Prevalence and Manifestations of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Secondary Rhinoplasty Patients"
2014 Eric C. Liao, MD
Sebasco Estates, ME
"Closing the Gap on Orofacial Cleft: A Genetics Primer for the Plastic Surgeon"
2013 Paul Y. Liu, MD
Newport, RI
"Changes in Molecular Profiles and Morphological Characteristics Associated with Wound Contraction and Closure of the Wound Healing in Diabetic Mice"
2012 Arin K. Greene, MD
Woodstock, VT
"Experimental Comparison of Cranial Particulate Bone Graft, rhBMP-2, and Split Cranial Bone Graft for Inlay Cranioplasty"
2011 Gary J. Price, MD
Brewster, MA
"Switched Lips, Radium, and Stone Age Tools; Robert Abbe and New England"
2010 Mitchell A. Stotland, MD
Hancock, MA
"The Effect of Facial Paralysis on the Central Processing of Facial Expressions of Emotion"
2009 Mark B. Constantian, MD
Boston, MA
"What Motivates Secondary Rhinoplasty Patients?"
2008 Jeffrey Weinzweig, MD
Manchester Village, VT
"Analysis of Frontal and Orbital Osteotomy Fixation Using a Novel Adhesive Resorbable Plating System for Craniofacial Reconstruction"
2007 E. Dale Collins, MD
Newport, RI
"Comprehensive Approach to Immediate TRAM Reconstruction"
2006 Sumner A. Slavin, MD
New Castle, NH
"Scar Lymphedema: Fact or Fiction?"
2005 Carolyn L. Kerrigan, MD
Mystic, CT
"Models for Shared Consultations in a Plastic Surgery Practice: Increasing Quality and Efficiency"
2004 Mark B. Constantian, MD
Lenox, MA
"Narrow Middle Vault and Untreated Alar Cartilage Malposition: The Face of Secondary Rhinoplasty Today"
2003 Mark B. Constantian, MD
Plymouth, MA
"The Boxy Tip, The Ball Tip, and Alar Cartilage Malposition: Variations on a Theme"
2002 Gary J. Price, MD
Manchester Village, VT
"Mythology, Medicine for the Plastic Surgeon"
2001 Mark B. Constantian, MD
Mystic, CT
"Personality Characteristics of 200 Consecutive Secondary Rhinoplasty Patients: From “Normal” to Body Dysmorphic Disorder"
2000 Mark B. Constantian, MD
Laconia, NH
"Variations and Use of Composite Grafts for Nostril and Airway Reconstructions: Experience in 86 Secondary and Tertiary Rhinoplasty Patients"
1999 Sumner A. Slavin, MD
Newport, RI
"Long-Term Aesthetic Results Following Reconstruction Breast Conservation Deformities"
1998 Sumner A. Slavin, MD
Chatham, MA
"Transaxillary Endoscopic Subpectoral Augmentation Mammoplasty: Avoiding Pitfalls in Patient Selection and Technique"

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