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The Joseph E. Murray Resident Award Past Recipients
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2022 Christopher L. Sudduth, MD
New Castle, NH
"Endothelial Map2k1 Mutation Upregulates Angiogenesis in an Inducible Mouse Strain of Arteriovenous Malformation"
2021 Melisa D. Granoff, AB
"A Variant of the Lateral Upper Arm Lymphatic Pathway: A Risk Factor for the Development of Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema"
2019 Alannah L. Phelan, MD
Newport, RI
"Rethinking Farkas: Updating Cephalic Index Norms In a Diverse Urban Patient Population"
2018 Jeremy A. Goss, MD
Manchester Village, VT
"MAP2K1 Mutations in Arteriovenous Malformations are Enriched in Blood Vessels and Activate the RAS/MAPK Pathway"
2017 Joseph A. Ricci, MD
North Falmouth, MA
"Implant-Based Breast Reconstruction and the Timing of Adjuvant Radiotherapy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Surgical Outcomes"
2016 Robert N. Goldstone, MD
Bretton Woods, NH
"Photochemical Tissue Passivation Attenuates Intimal Hyperplasia in an Arteriovenous Fistula Model"
2015 Saiqa I. Khan, MD
Westbrook, CT
"Prevention of Vein Intimal Hyperplasia with Photochemical Tissue Passivation in a Porcine Model"
2015 Irving T. C. Ling, MBBS, MRCSEd
Westbrook, CT
"Identification of Mandibular Growth Center via Clonal Cell Analysis"
2014 Neil Fairbairn, MD
Sebasco Estates, ME
"The Application of Photochemical Tissue Bonding for Large Deficit Nerve Repair"
2013 Joanna H. Ng, MD
Newport, RI
"A Novel Imaging Technique for Evaluation Axonal Regeneration After Peripheral Nerve Transection in a Rodent Model"
2013 Harry M. Salinas, MD
Newport, RI
"Photochemical Tissue Passivation for Prevention of Vein Graft Intimal Hyperplasia"
2012 Daniel Maman, MD
Woodstock, VT
"Immediate Single-Stage Implant Reconstruction Using Absorbable Mesh"
2011 Chad R. Gordon, DO
Brewster, MA
"Osteocutaneous Maxillofacial Composite Tissue Allotransplantation: A Novel Cadaver Study Applying Orthognathic Principles and Practice"
2010 Florian Hackl, MD
Hancock, MA
"Transplantation of Small Skin Pieces Increase Healing in Diabetic Pigs"
2009 Francis P. Henry, MD
Boston, MA
"Augmenting Microsurgical Neurrorhaphy Using a Photochemical Technique, Improving Electrical and Histological Outcomes"
2009 Anup Patel, MD, MBA
Boston, MA
"The Cost Effectiveness of Mohs Micrographic Surgery Versus Surgical Excision"
2008 Pejman Aflaki, MD
Manchester Village, VT
"Ethical Issues in Partial Face Transplantation: Donor-Recipient Match and Identity Changes"
2008 John T. Nguyen, MD
Manchester Village, VT
"Mitigation of Ischemia Reperfusion Injury with a Peptide that Specifically Binds to Natural Antibody in a Murine Island Skin Flap Model"
2007 Francis P. Henry, MD
Newport, RI
"Real Time In Vivo Imaging of Neural Microarchitecture Including Individual Axons and Myelination with Coherent Anti-stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Microscopy"
2006 Anne C. O’Neill, MD
New Castle, NH
"Photochemical Sealing Improves Outcome Following Peripheral Neurorrhaphy"
2005 Amir Taghinia, MD
Mystic, CT
"The Use of Distraction-Lengthening in Children With Radial Dysplasia"
2004 John M. Mesa, MD
Lenox, MA
"Alternative Tissue Engineered Constructs for Upper and Lower Extremity Arthroplasty"
2003 John M. Mesa, MD
Plymouth, MA
"Capacity of Swine Mesenchymal Stem Cells (sMSC) to Differentiate into Mesenchymal Lineages in Vitro"
2002 Henry C. Hsia, MD
Manchester Village, VT
"Synergy in the Effects of Enternal Growth Factors on Melanocytes In Co-Culture with Keratinocytes"
2001 Henry C. Hsia, MD
Mystic, CT
"Differences in Breast Shape Preferences Between Plastic Surgeons and Patients Seeking Breast Augmentation"
2000 David W. Mathes, MD
Laconia, NH
"Tolerance to Musculoskeletal Allografts with Skin"
1999 David W. Mathes, MD
Newport, RI
"Recipient Bone Marrow Engraftment in Donor Tissue Following Long-Term Tolerance to a Hemopoietic Musculoskeletal Allograft"
1998 Katherine D. Hein, MD
Chatham, MA
"Venous Malformations of Skeletal Muscle"
1997 Noritaka Isogai, MD
Woodstock, VT
"Tissue Engineered Small Joint"
1995 Gregory A. Turowski, MD
Boston, MA
"The Long-Term Results of Surgical Treatment of Trigger Finger"
1994 Peter E. M. Butler, MD
Mystic, CT
"A Cellular Model of Composite Tissue Transplantation"
1993 Keith T. Paige, MD
Newport, RI
"Injectible Cartilage"
1993 Peter M. Vogt, MD
Newport, RI
"Genetically Engineered Keratinocytes Express Human Growth Hormone During Wound Healing"

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