By Laws



Section 1.    Name.    The name of the Society shall be the “New  England Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Inc.” (‘the  Society’).

Section 2.    Objectives.    The objectives of the Society shall be:
     a.) To generate within its membership an increase in scientific knowledge.
     b.) To promote educational and research activities in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgery.
     c.) To improve the standard of practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery in New England.
     d.) To foster and improve communication between the plastic surgeon, patient, and the general public.
     e.) To promote and encourage the highest standards of ethical  conduct among plastic and reconstructive surgeons practicing in New  England.
     f.) To provide a medium for the exchange of information, ideas,  and knowledge relating to the art, science, and development of  plastic surgery.



Section 1.   General Qualifications.    Membership is a privilege  granted in the Society’s discretion to ethical plastic surgeons with  appropriate professional qualifications, who, as a condition to initial  membership as well as continuing membership, are members of and comply  with the Code of Ethics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,  Inc.

Section 2.    Classification of Members.    Membership in the Society shall consist of five classes:
         1.) Active;  2.) Senior;  3.) Candidate;  4.) Associate;  5.) Honorary.

All diplomats of the American Board of Plastic Surgery residing in a  New England state on May 21, 1959, the date of the Society’s  incorporation, who have signified a desire to become members shall be  considered charter members of the Society and shall comprise the initial  active membership of the Society.

Section 3.    Active Members.    Active members shall be plastic and  reconstructive surgeons who are diplomats of the American Board of  Plastic Surgery, who are active members of the American Society of  Plastic Surgeons or the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery,  and who reside and/or actively practice in one of the New England  states. Active members shall enjoy all privileges of membership,  including the right to vote and to hold office, and shall be required to  pay dues and assessments.

Section 4.    Senior Members.    Senior members shall be former active  members of the Society who have retired from active practice and have  become a Life Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons or the  American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Senior members shall  retain the right to vote but may not hold office and shall not be  required to pay dues or assessments. Senior members may attend any  meetings of the Society upon payment of the registration fee.

Section 5.    Candidates for Membership.    Plastic and reconstructive  surgeons residing and actively practicing in one of the New England  states who have completed formal training requirements for the American  Board of Plastic Surgery but have not obtained certification, and who  are Candidate members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Inc.,  or the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, are eligible for  election to Candidate status and, if elected to this category, shall  automatically become Active Members at the time of certification. If the  candidate fails to pass his/her Boards of Plastic Surgery seven years  following completion of Plastic Surgery Residency, she/he will  automatically lose his/her membership status.

Candidates are not eligible to vote or hold office. They are invited  to attend scientific and business meetings of the Society upon payment  of registration fee. They shall be required to pay dues and assessments.

Section 6.    Associate Members.
     A.)  Physicians, researchers, and allied health professionals  practicing with plastic surgeons and who are Associate Members of the  American Society of Plastic Surgeons, shall be eligible for election to  Associate Membership.

     B.)  Armed Forces Plastic and Reconstructive surgeons who are  members of the Armed Forces and who are stationed in one of the New  England states and have completed their plastic surgery training, and  are Associate Members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, shall  be eligible for election to Associate Membership.  Such an individual’s  membership shall terminate when she/he is transferred out of the New  England States or when he/she satisfies the requirements of Article II,  Section 5.

     C.)  Residents and Fellows who are currently enrolled in  accredited plastic surgery residency programs in the New England states  may become members of the NESPRS Resident Program. Enrollment is free.   Members of the Resident Program will still be required to pay meeting  registration fees.

Section 7.    Inactive Members.    Inactive member status will be  accorded to Active Members upon changes of residence to regions outside  the New England states.  Upon resuming residence in the New England  states, such inactive members shall ipso facto revert to active  membership or to senior status, if the member is eligible or so  requests.

Associate members and inactive members shall have all the privileges  and responsibilities of active members except that they shall not be  allowed to vote or hold office and may be excused from paying dues and  assessments, if so recommended by the Executive Council.

Section 8.    Honorary Members.    Honorary members shall be persons  who have made a significant contribution to the meetings of the Society  (as a guest lecturer, panelist, etc.) and who are elected by a majority  vote of the membership at the annual meeting.

Section 9.    Election to Membership.    To be considered for election  to active membership or candidacy for membership, the individual must  be proposed and sponsored by an active member or senior member of the  Society.  Another letter of support must be obtained from either (1) the  applicant’s plastic surgery program director or her/his successor or  (2) a second member of the New England Society practicing in the same  vicinity as the applicant.  Letters of support are to be sent to the  Membership Chair at least two months in advance of the annual meeting.

These applicants who have completed their residency more than five  years previously and who have been in practice in another state, require  sponsorship by an active member or senior member of the New England  Society. Supporting letters will be required from the secretary of their  previous regional or state Plastic Surgery Society and a letter from a  second member of the New England Society practicing in the same vicinity  as the applicant.

Each applicant’s credentials shall be presented by the Membership  Chair to the Executive Council, which, in its discretion, determines if  the individual satisfies the Society’s requirements for admission to  membership.  After approval by the Executive Council, the list of  proposed new members shall be distributed to the membership thirty (30)  days prior to the annual meeting in order to allow time for comments.   Assuming no changes after consideration by the full membership, the list  of proposed new members shall be submitted to a vote of the active  membership at the annual business meeting of the Society.

Election to membership shall be by ballot, and the affirmation vote of  not less than three-quarters of the active members present and voting  shall be required for election.

Section 10. Loss of Membership.

     A.)  Annual Dues Obligation.    Annual dues are an obligation of  the Active members and candidates for membership. A member who fails to  pay the annual dues by the due date, after the 90-day grace period has  expired, will incur a late fee of $40, for which they will be invoiced.   Such an individual is to have had at least two statements of dues sent  to him/her either via postal mail or fax. If such a member still fails  to pay annual dues, without case deemed valid, and after consideration  by the Executive Council, they shall be automatically dropped from the  rolls and will be notified by registered mail. If such a member is  dropped from the membership rolls, he or she can reapply for membership  using the same format as a newly applying member.

     B.)  Resignation or Withdrawal.    Any member may withdraw from  the Society after fulfilling all financial and other obligations and  after giving written notice to the Secretary/ Treasurer.

     C.)  Loss of Membership in A.S.P.S.    Membership in the American  Society of Plastic Surgeons is a condition for membership in the New  England Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Inc.  A Member  who loses his/her membership in the American Society of Plastic and  Reconstructive Surgeons for any reason shall automatically be dropped  from the New England Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons,  Inc. membership roles.



Section 1.    Executive Council.

     A.)  Governing Body.    The governing body of the Society shall  be the Executive Council which shall supervise, control and manager the  affairs of the Society.

     B.)  Composition.    The members of the Executive Council shall  number fifteen and consist of the four elected Officers, the Immediate  Past President, nine elected Councilors, and a Parliamentarian appointed  by the President.

          1.) Elected Officers.    The President, Vice President,  Secretary/ Treasurer, Secretary/Treasurer-

Elect, and the Immediate Past  President of the Society shall serve as members of the Executive Council  with full voting rights.

          2.) Elected Councilors.    The number of Elected Councilors  shall be nine and each Councilor shall serve for a term of three years  and shall take office immediately following the annual meeting at which  he/she is elected. Three Councilors shall be elected each year to insure  that the number of elected Councilors not exceed nine.

     C.)  Meeting of the Executive Council.    The Executive Council  shall meet at least once annually and such annual meetings shall be held  prior to the annual meeting of the members. Special meetings or  conference calls of the Council may be called by the President upon  notice given not less than five days before such meetings. A majority of  the membership of the Executive Council shall constitute a quorum for  the transaction of business at any annual or special meeting.

The Executive Council may take action without a formal meeting of the  members if written consent setting forth the action taken is executed by  all members of the Council. Such procedure may be utilized at the  discretion of the President.

     D.)   Vacancy. In the event a vacancy occurs in the Executive  Council either among the Elected Councillors or any officers except  President, said vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired term by a  person elected by a majority vote of the remaining members of the  Executive Council, due notice of such election have been given to all of  said Executive Council members. In the event a vacancy occurs in the  office of President, the Vice-President shall succeed to the office of  President, and the vacancy in the office of Vice-President shall be  filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by a majority vote of  the remaining members of the Executive Council as set forth above.

Section 2.    Officers.    The Society shall have the following Officers:

     A.)  Number of Officers. President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, and Secretary/Treasurer-Elect.

     B.)  Election and Term of Office. The President, Vice-President,  Secretary/Treasurer, and Secretary/Treasurer-Elect of the Society shall  be elected annually and shall serve for a term of one year or until  their successors have been elected or appointed. The President,  Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Secretary/Treasurer-Elect shall be  elected by written ballot and by a majority vote of the voting members  of the Society present and voting at the annual meeting. Such officers  shall take office immediately after the close of the annual meeting at  which they are elected. In the event there is not a quorum at such  annual meeting, such officers, including the President, shall continue  to hold office until their successor has been duly elected at either an  annual or special meeting called for such purpose.

     C.)  Duties of Officers.

          1.) The President shall function as the principal executive  officer of the Society, shall serve as Chair of the Executive Council  with the right to vote, shall preside at all meetings of the membership  of the Society, shall appoint the members and Chairs of all Society  committees, and shall perform such other duties incident to the office  of the President or as may be prescribed by the Executive Council.

          2.) The Vice President shall generally assist the President  in the performance of her/his duties and in the absence of ability to  act of the President, shall perform such other duties as the Executive  Council may from time to time assign to him/her. The Vice President  shall under ordinary circumstance and by election, succeed to the  Presidency upon the expiration of the President’s term or in the event  of the death or resignation of the President. The Vice President will  have the obligation of by-laws review and when appropriate, make  recommendations for revision to the Executive Council.

          3.) The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for the  proper recording of meetings of the Society, shall see that all notices  are given, shall be custodian of the corporate books, records, papers  and seal and, in general, perform all duties incident to the office of  Secretary. As Treasurer, she/he shall have charge and custody of the  funds of the Society and shall be responsible therefore, to the  Executive Council. He/she shall keep proper books, records, and accounts  which shall be available at all times for examination by the Executive  Council and shall deposit funds of the Society in the Society’s name in  such depository as shall be designated and approved by the Executive  Council. In general, she/he shall perform all duties incident to the  offices of Secretary and Treasurer.

          4.) The Secretary/Treasurer-Elect shall perform duties as  delegated by the Secretary/Treasurer, and familiarize himself/herself  with the administrative workings of the Society. The  Secretary-Treasurer/Elect shall serve as Membership Chair.

          5.) The Parliamentarian shall attend all meetings of the  Executive Council as well as the annual business meeting of the Society  and determine whether a quorum is present and rule on such parliamentary  matters as may come before these bodies. Robert’s Rules of Order, 2nd  Edition will serve as a guide to parliamentary procedure. The  Parliamentarian is a non-voting member of the Executive Council.

Section 3. Committees and Appointed Representatives Appointed by the President.

     A.)  Regional Societies Representative, Membership Chair, Nominating Committee

     B.)  The Nominating Committee will consist of four members in  addition to a Chair. The Chair will be the Immediate Past President of  the Society. Of the four other members, two will be chosen by the  Executive Council, and two will be nominated by the Active Membership at  the annual meeting.



Section 1.    Annual and Special Meetings.

     A.)  Annual and Special Meetings.    An annual meeting of the  Society shall be held at such time and place as proposed by the  Executive Council and approved by the voting membership of the Society.  Such annual meeting shall include a business section and a scientific  program. Special meetings of the Society may be called at the discretion  of the Executive Council or upon the written request of not less than  three active members. Any such request shall specify the particular  business for which said special meetings is to be called.

     B.)  Quorum.    Fifty percent of the voting membership registered  and in attendance at the Annual Meeting of the Society shall constitute  a quorum for the transaction of business at the Annual Business  Meeting.

     C.)  Notice.    The Secretary/Treasurer shall send a notice to  all members not less than 60 days prior to the annual meetings and not  less than 14 days prior to any special meetings.

     D.)  Order of Business.    The order of business at the business session of the annual meeting shall be as follows:

          1. Reading of the minutes.
          2. Appointment of the Auditor.
          3. Report of the Executive Council.
          4. Report of the Secretary/Treasurer.
          5. Report of the Committees.
          6. Election of:
               a. Honorary Members.
               b. Senior Members.
               c. Active Members.
               d. Candidate Members.
               e. Associate Members.
               f. Officers.
               g. Councilors.
               h. Nominating Committee.
          7. Report of the Auditor.
          8. Miscellaneous Business.
               a. Old Business.
               b. New Business.

The order of business may be altered or suspended at the annual meetings by a majority vote of the voting members present.



Section 1.    Each active and senior member may invite one guest (and  the guest’s spouse) to the non-business sessions and shall be  responsible for the guest’s registration fee.  The names of proposed  guests shall be submitted to the Secretary/Treasurer at least one month  prior to the meeting and written invitation shall be sent by the  Secretary/Treasurer.  Prospective members should be invited guests  before being proposed for membership.



Section 1.    The initiation fee and annual dues shall be set by the  Executive Council, subject to the approval of the majority of the voting  members of the Society, and are payable to the Secretary/Treasurer  three months after the annual meeting.

Section 2.    No member is privileged to attend an annual meeting until all annual dues and assessments have been paid.

Section 3.    The fiscal year shall end with the last day of August of each year.



Section 1.    The By-Laws may be amended or repealed, or new By-Laws  may be enacted at any annual or special meeting of the Society by a  two-thirds vote of the voting members present, provided that written  notice of proposed changes shall have been sent to all members via  United States postal service, electronic (fax) or internet (email) at  least thirty days prior to the meeting.  Exception may be made only by  unanimous vote of all voting members present.



Section 1.    At each annual meeting the President shall appoint an  Auditor at the Executive Council meeting, usually held on the day prior  to the beginning of the Annual Meeting.  The auditor shall make an audit  of the financial affairs of the Society for the past year and shall  report thereon to the Society at the Annual Business meeting the next  afternoon.  The Auditor may be a member of the Society.



Section 1.    All books, papers and documents of every kind belonging  to the Society shall be opened to the inspection of the officers and  members of the Executive Council at all reasonable times but, except as  otherwise provided by law, shall be open to the inspection of members  only at such reasonable time or times and to such extend as the  Executive Council shall determine.

New England Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Inc. By Laws

New England Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, Inc. By Laws